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Though we all are worlds apart we are yet linked by the thread of adversity...

SEVAS WORLD provides effective online personal counseling that is affordable, reliable and is expedited in a timely manner. Along with providing quality counseling, SEVAS WORLD offers its clients a subscriber-friendly forum to submit questions and voice their concerns. SEVAS WORLD provides solutions, which lead to results. 

SEVAS WORLD offers superior online personal counseling corresponding to what society has identified as primary concerns, which includes dating, relationships, self-image, sex, health, finances, food, career, hobbies and parenting, along with many of life's other concerns.

SEVAS WORLD utilizes trained, experienced counselors, who thoroughly research the solutions to each question or issue presented. If SEVAS WORLD is unable to provide a client with a solution to an issue, SEVAS WORLD will direct the client to someone who can. Each response SEVAS WORLD provides and receives is delivered with anonymity and privacy (see privacy policy). 

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This service is not intended for individuals who are actively contemplating suicide 
or are suffering from a severe mental or emotional disorder. 
If this describes you please contact your local crisis hotline and/or 
find a local mental health professional. 

This service is also not intended for use by minors (under 18 years of age). 

Counseling advice on this site does not purport to be legal or professional advice 
and is all offered merely as a matter of the authors' opinion based on personal experience.

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